Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thaicom 5 C-Band Satellite Capacity

Dear Friends, As you might have already known, Thaicom would be launching its Thaicom 6 satellite by the middle of 2013 on the same slot as Thaicom 5 at 78.5ÂșE. With this, and with God’s permission everything works according to plan, then Thaicom 5 would be freed of some of its existing traffic which would be transferred to Thaicom 6. There would be about 4 to 5 C-Band transponders (mixed of global and regional beams) that would be available by then. Since, this capacity is not much, and some of it had already been reserved officially, then chances are that this would just disappear soon even before you know it – surely before the end of this year. Those clients who really are clear of their vision for their business had already secured their needed capacity at least 6 months to one year earlier before utilizing it. So, if your planned business next year really needs satellite capacity, then it’s the best time to secure it. Please, hurry now to secure yours while there are still at least 2 transponders left that are still available as of today. If your requirement is C-Band and is for Europe, Central Asia and Southeast Asia, Singapore, Brunei and Australia, then please send your inquiry to this e-mail address: handeilm@thaicom.net specifying which of the above locations you want to reach and from which country are you from. Thank you very much. Best Regards, Satellite Service Adviser

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