Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thaicom Satellites (Thaicom 7 and Thaicom 8) for Fiji and Nearby Island Countries

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Please see footprints of Thaicom 7 satellite below.

For Thaicom 4 (IPStar 1 - Broadband satellite), please kindly explore the link below for more details of the information for its applications.


IPStar 1 is a Ku-Band/Ka-Band satellite for broadband applications as you can see details at the above link.

God willing, very soon after Thaicom 7 is launched, Thaicom 8 (IPStar 2) will follow and Fiji would be one of the possible island countries that would be covered with its service spot beams if there's a promising demand there. So, better to explore the details of Thaicom 4 (IPStar 1), so if you find it interesting , then you may recommend IPStar 2 (same as IPStar 1) to your client so the company (Thaicom) may consider putting spot beams in Fiji when it is launched in the near future.

Thaicom 7 satellite is a C-Band satellite which capacity is very useful and fitting for telecommunications and broadcast services in the said island country.

The price of bandwidth per MHz/Month is very cheap, and even much cheaper if you reserve it ahead of its launching.

Should you have more questions, please don't hesitate to leave your message as comment below, or you may send your further inquiry to this e-mail address: judaiz12@yahoo.com.

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