Friday, September 10, 2010

Sun Outage Predictions

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Sun Outage for Thaicom 5 could be fall from September to the middle of October, 2010. Timeline will be different and depends upon the location.

Please kindly find below instruction how to check the exact timeline for your country.

1. Go to

2. Enter your earth station information such as latitude and longitude. If you are not sure about latitude and longitude, please click on “Lat-Long Lookup” an then you will get this information when you select Country and City.

3. At Year and Season: Select Year 2010 and Autumn (Fall)

4. At satellite: Select your satellite such as Thaicom 5

5. Enter your antenna size. Normally C-band is 3 meters and Ku-band is 60cm.

6. Enter Downlink Frequency in GHz measurement

7. Submit your entry as clicking on “Predict Sun Outage Now”


In Karachi, Pakistan, C-Band using antenna dish 3 meters

Sun Outage Prediction Results

Ground Station InformationSun Outage Parameters
Longitude (deg E): 67.03
Lattitude (deg N): 24.85
Azimuth (deg): 154.23
Elevation (deg): 58.22
Antenna Size (m): 3.00
Frequency (GHz): 3.6000
Year: 2010
Season (1=summer,2=fall): 2
Satellite: Thaicom 5

Sun Outage Events
DateStart time(GMT)Stop time(GMT)Durations

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