Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thaicom PCL Wecomes Investors to Invest on its Thaicom 6

Attention Investors!

In regards to the previous post regarding Thaicom PCL's launching of Thaicom 6, the company will only add another Ku-Band transponders dedicated to the Middle East and Africa or any location investor wishes when there's a solid commitment from this interested investors. They can specify how many transponders they want right at the very beginning, for it could no longer be changed once the designed was already done completely.

Thaicom PCL will wait any investor only within this year (2010) to accept offers of interest to invest with Thaicom 6. Otherwise, there's no extra transponders will be added on Thaicom 6 for it is mainly built as replacement for Thaicom 2.

So, please kindly spread the news in your country or the whole Middle East and pull out all those investors who are keen to invest in satellite industry. It's a very profitable business and Thaicom PCL is a very solid company, having a long years of experience in the field.

Thank you very much.

Cheers to everyone!

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