Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dear Valued Future Business Partners.

Many are now inquiring us about our Pre-Launched Sale price for our satellite bandwidths which would be available about the middle next year (2013) for our Thaicom 5 and Thaicom 6 satellites, and in 2014, for our Thaicom 7 satellite. Some of these inquiries are really serious, but we are also aware that some are bogus.

However, what I have at the moment is the pre-launched sale price which is valid only until October 31, 2012. After that period, surely the price will change. The nearer the date the capacity will be available, the higher the price would become. And we need 6-month advanced deposit which will be offset during the first six months of service. The same amount will be returned to you if satellite launch fails. All these things will be indicated in the agreement. So, nothing should be worried about. It's a win-win approach: On your side/your client side, it secures the capacity and the best price. On our side, with God’s blessings, it makes sure things work according to our plan.

So, hurry now and secure your satellite capacity needs for the next year and beyond!

Just kindly leave your comment below, or send your inquiry to this e-mail address:

Please see the above footprints for details on our satellite coverage.

Thanks a lot.

Satellite Service Adviser.

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