Thursday, July 12, 2012


With so many satellite launchings that are soon to happen at almost the same time, satellite service operators are so busy doing its pre-launched sales activities. Thaicom PLC on its part had already sold out about 20% of its capacity on its soon-to-be launched Thaicom 6 which will be co-located with its Thaicom 5 at 78.5° East. It has still about a year to go to completely sell out its remaining future capacity – about 80%.

Initial success on its pre-launched sales campaign is the positive result of its Blue Ocean strategy which isolates it from the traditional Bloody Ocean competitions. God allows, when everything works according to plans Thaicom would be come one of the most sought-after satellite service operators in Asia.

What makes telecom operators and broadcasters chose Thaicom to lay their investments ahead of time, is the very thing that you should find out below. Some investors argued that it’s better to wait at the time the satellite is already available. For them, this is the most practical way to secure their investments. Though, this is partly true, but availability of the capacity during that time you need it could not be guaranteed. However, when you pay for it in advance, then surely you’ll have it immediately by the time it’s available. Other advantage of having it secured in advance is the lower price compared to when you take it by the time the satellite has already been launched. During the pre-launched sale period, the closer the date of the satellite launch, the higher the price would become. So, why wait for so long if you really have the real need of the satellite capacity next year (2013) for Thaicom 5 and Thaicom 6 satellites, or Thaicom 7 satellite in 2014?

Others had asked, “What if satellite launched fails?” Well, that’s where our Blue Ocean strategy works. One thing for sure, your investments (three to six months advanced deposit), which will be off set supposedly against the first three months or first six months of our service will be fully returned to you, just in case we are in the worse scenario. This is already fair enough, but our Blue Ocean strategy could do more than this and that will depend on our negotiations.

Think about putting your investment somewhere else, and one year later, would it really surely earns you some amount of money? If yes, then would it be enough to pay the more expensive cost of the capacity by then?

Now, it’s your choice. But hope this would convince you to choose Thaicom to lay your investment down ahead of time to secure your needed capacity in 2013, or 2014.

Thank you very much.

Satellite Service Adviser.

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