Friday, August 31, 2012

Why Secure Your Future Satellite Capacity Needs With Thaicom PLC?

Satellite operator and service provider's failure to adequately anticipate its need for satellite capacity for its clients and its inability to obtain the same capacity at the right time could harm the results of its overall operations.

Motivated by this fact and reality, and led by its new positive directions headed by its new CEO, Thaicom PLC reveals its long- term plans and its implementations: launching of its Thaicom 6 in the middle of 2013, Thaicom 7 somewhere in 2014 and followed by Thaicom 8 (IPStar 2), thereafter.

Television and radio broadcasting companies, telecommunications providers and ISP's, are now cooperating with Thaicom PLC for their needed satellite capacity in the near future in order to secure it. Guided by their past experiences, they are now taking positive actions ensuring that the future satellite capacity needs are locked and secured. According to their common feedbacks, they don't want to get into the same trouble again which causes them lots of new business opportunities lost.

So, learning from others' past experiences, now the question is, "Have you secured your satellite needs for the next year and beyond?" If you haven't booked yours yet, then it's the best time to do so in order to have a better negotiation advantage. Doing it later, not only that you're not assured of the capacity, but also loss your negotiation advantage due to the many competitions of the remaining scarce capacity which normally leads to a higher price - law of demand and supply principle. The worst case, capacity would be unavailable by the time you need it the most.

Hope this article would help you take the necessary actions while there's still ample time to do so.

Good luck!

Satellite Service Adviser

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