Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Breakeven Point is About to be Reached for Thaicom 6

God allows, Thaicom PLC would be adding more capacity when Thaicom 6 is launched in the middle of 2013. TV channels carried on its Thaicom 5 satellite platform has reached to 465 from 427 during the first half of 2012.

Due to failures of some satellite launches, the demand for the conventional satellite capacity remains very solid. With around nine months more to go upon launch, its pre-launch sales campaign activities looks very well to meeting its management's goal of 30% pre-launch sales result. Currently, it has achieved 18% (six out 33 transponders) which are officially sold to Grammy, PSI and RS. Sales people are in negotiations with lots of foreign potential clients for Thaicom 6.

Thaicom 7 satellite launching in 2014 is still well on its schedule.

Good luck!

Satellite Service Adviser

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