Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Advantages of Securing Your Satellite Capacity Need Ahead of Time

Some of the potential clients have opted to delay their buying of their future satellite capacity needs for the two obvious reasons: One is, they knew for sure that many satellite operators and service providers, such as Thaicom PLC, Singtel, SES, etc., would be launching next year (2013), which dates are spread into different quarters (Q1: SES-6, SES-8, ASTRA 2E; Q2: THAICOM 6, ST-3, Q3 and Q4 for others. Second is, they are expecting that the more satellite launchings, the more capacity would be available and the cheaper the price would become. Though this idea is true, however, I am not so sure whether they all have the full information and the details of each of the satellites to be launched such as, frequency bands: Ku, Ka, C (standard C or Extended C), orbital slot locations, launchers, etc. To avoid any possible surprises, their capacity needs should be matched with the future available and appropriate capacity. So, if the need is a Standard C-Band and the coverage would be in Southeast Asia and Africa, then my advice is to deal with Thaicom PLC for its Thaicom 6 satellite. Making a deal with Thaicom PLC within this year will give its potential clients such benefits as, first priority to securing of the capacity, cheaper, flexible and negotiable price. So, hurry now to secure yours, while available slots are still on pre-sale. Good luck! Satellite Service Adviser

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