Thursday, August 5, 2010

Galaxy 15: The First Casualty of the New Solar Cycle.

The more satellites the operator has, the better and more secure the business is. In the case of Intelsat, the more satellite it has, the greater is the chance that one of it will be hit by a unique natural phenomenon, like the solar storm.

Galaxy 15, an out-of-control "zombie satellite," is the first casualty of the new solar cycle, which produced an eruption of magnetic energy on April 3. According to the AOL news from this link:, it's been nicknamed the "zombie satellite" because its electronic brain was fried but its communication payload is still functioning.

According to Steve Good, Intelsat’s global director, there was some panic originally, but the real danger with the zombie satellite is not that it would crash into other spacecraft for as Good assures, it’s "physically impossible" -- but that it would interfere with signals from other satellites as it drifts.

Surely this news will open up the minds of those clients who are presently utilizing service of those satellite providers running its business without any back-up. Good for Intelsat because it has so many back-ups satellites.

To see the whole story, please explore the link indicated above.

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