Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thaicom PCL to Launch Thaicom 6

Attention Satellite Service Providers!

This information is from a very reliable source inside the said company mentioned below.

This is to formally informed you that Thaicom PCL are curently working on the demand forecast for the new satellite (Thaicom 6), which is planned to be in operation in 2013 at 78.5 E.

The standard C-band footprint shall be similar to the one of Thaicom 5 (regional beam).

So, if you think you have the capacity need by that time, or at the latest, a year after, it's better to start talking now to Handeil - it's International Sales Account Manager via this e-mail:, or you can call him directly on his mobile phone: +66892014368.

Securing your satellite bandwidth needs of the future before actually launching the satellite is the most intelligent approach you can do to benefit your satellite related business. Doing it later, surely, it will not only give headaches in the negotiations stage, but it will also give you worries of whether you can secure the capacity or not because of the tight competition for the same capacity as it happened in the past.

Time just flies, so make the first move now!

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