Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Broadcast Client in the Continent of Africa

Even without saying anything about the pictures, it clearly shows the sequenced of a certain event that happened somewhere in the continent of Africa.

It tells us a complete short story of one man's journey in one of the beautiful countries in Somalia "The Somaliland". Some people call the country "the breakaway region of Somalia."

The first picture depicts our arrival taking the Ethiopian airline from Ethiopia to Hargiesa Somaliland. It's our last short flight after our second (about 4-hours) flight from Dubai, UAE an hour after our 6-hours flight from Bangkok, Thailand.

It was really a very long journey for us having one worry-some concern lossing one of our most important and useful telecommunication equipments to be used for our installation. However, we had recovered this thing about three days after our arrival at our destination in Hargiesa, Somaliland.

The second picture shows the entrance of the EGAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. This is where we had exited when we finally arrived the country after a long trip from Bangkok, Thailand. This is where we have to get in when we return to the base after completing our assigned task in the country.

The next two pictures are just ones of the many we had taken along the way as we had travelled about 20 minutes from the airport to the hotel where had stayed all the days of our stay in the the country.

There are so many interesting things in the country that the Somaliland people are very proud of. And it can only be known when you are there. You can't get it by just simply reading it from anywhere. It's like the feeling that you can differentiate when you are swimming in the water, or by just watching somebody swimming in it.

Below is the hotel where stayed in, and where we had taken all our meals all through the duration of our stays. We hadn't tried dining outside because of our very hectic shedules trying to complete the mission on time.

This hotel is just five minutes away from the location of the compound where we had installed the broadcast equipments our client bought through our company.

The car below was our delay service which we had paid few dollars each day for the short trips and waiting for us whenever we need to go somewhere during the day.

The next two pictures shows our happy faces on our first day of work. The first one is showing myself and our engineer, Mr. Sutti from Thailand.

The second one is another engineer, also from Thailand. He's a very small guy like me, but so expert in telecommunication matters. Mr. Kitti is also has the same expertise with Mr. Sombat in the field of telecommuncation.

I am on the same field, but this was my first real experience in real world of telecommunications. My main task of going to the country with our engineers was to close another deal with another broadcast client living in the same city.

We became very closed friends after sharing this same experience in the country. They're so generous to me sharing all their knowlege in this kind of work.

Though my backrounds are also in the telecomunications, but my expertise was mainly confined on the books, and it's the realizations of all the theories I had learned and taught in the univesity I had graduated and lectured in my own country and was enriched more in Thailand for more that seven years while in the academe again after finishing my Master of Engineering in Telecommunication at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand.

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