Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Useful Tips When Looking for the Right Satellite Service Provider

When your business is using or will be using satellite service from any satellite service provider to facilitate its implementation, you need to find out some basic, but important information by answering the following questions:

1. Does the company
a. own its satellites?
b. established a better track record in the world market?
c. has a replacement or back-up satellite at least every three years?

2. Does the company’s
a. staffs are satisfied, friendly and happy people?
b. management are transparent and understanding?

3. Does the company’s country
a. peaceful?
b. government accommodating?

If the answers to all of the above questions are “YES”, then you are in the perfect satellite service provider. Otherwise, it’s better for you to find another one.

Why find another provider? Here are some of the reasons:

For the first item, if the satellite service provider does not own it satellites, renting only from others, then just expect that the bandwidth price would be higher than those who own them. If this same satellite service provider doesn’t have a better track record in the world market, then it just tells us that it’s not a better satellite service provider that you should deal with. If it has no record of replacement or back-up satellites at least every three years, then surely your business would not be so secured. If you have looked at your business for long terms, it must satisfy at least these criteria.

In the second item, if the company’s staffs are not satisfied, friendly and happy people, then you might be having trouble when communicating with them. Usually, when working people were not satisfied by how much they are paid for the kind of job they are doing in the company, or not comfortable with the environment they are working with, consequently, they are not friendly and happy people. Thus, expect some unusual working styles from them. Surely, most of them if not all, don’t like to respond to your e-mail communications in time, forgetting your requests, not entertaining you especially during emergency period, not interested to listen to your business concerns when you call them, especially when it involves financial matters, etc. So, if you don’t like to be annoyed by this kind of people, then forget this company and explore another one immediately.

You must be careful also to its management who might not be very transparent at the start. Just use your instinct to sense it right at the beginning of any negotiation, or if you know somebody who was dealing with it before, then they are the good sources of information. But, you need to double check all the information you have gathered on this part. So, check carefully the terms and condition of the agreement before signing it.

Oftentimes, any business is really unpredictable. Your clients might not be able to settle their dues to your company on time, thus affecting your own financial obligations to your satellite service provider. So, in this case, it would be better if your service provider is also a little flexible and understanding. However, you should not abuse it and don’t do it at the very early stage of your business aprtnerships. You need to establish first a year or two the best impressions necessary, especially to its finance department.

Also, you should not make it as your attitude to give any, the same or many reasons why you cannot do it on time. If it happens sometimes, surely it’s understandable and a good company is willing to understand your situation. Otherwise, it’s better to find another satellite service provider when the agreement you had signed with has already expired.

You will only know this part when you are already in business with your satellite service provider. Of course, during the early stage of your business dealing, you must not give any hint to the management you are dealing with to this possible scenario. It will just give you a negative impression from them.

Lastly, you need to determine whether or not the country where your satellite service provider is located is peaceful and no serious political issues. Otherwise, when something happens in the country, like civil war, then you will loss a very huge amount of money and your business will be affected significantly when service interruption occurs due to the above mentioned possible problem.

Also, try to find out whether it’s easy or not to visit your service provider’s country so that when there are serious issues that need your physical presence, you won’t find any difficulty to entering the country at any time.

If the answers to this part are negatives, then it’s a good hint for you to look for another one.

Hope all of the above has given you the lights you need when setting up your business that needs satellite service provider's services.

Good luck!

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