Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maintaining Your Excellent Business Relationships With Satellite Service Operators/Providers

If you are a customer of a well-established satellite service operators/providers, in order to preserve your excellent business relationships, please don’t do the following, especially when the existing service agreement is expiring or had already expired, or most importantly in a situation where the service provider is running out of the capacity to avoid a very losing business effects on your side.

1. Delaying too much on your monthly due to the company.

2. Ignoring its finance’s repeated reminders, especially the final reminder.

3. Neglecting or ignoring sales account manager’s repeated e-mails or avoiding his/her repeated calls.

In this kind of business, give and take actions are very important. A certain fact is that, they are as important to you as you are to them. As long as you can persevere to preserve well this very important fact in business relationship, then surely, you will not be having trouble with them.

When worst case situation happens, e.g., running out of the capacity, the company you are using service from will always consider first those customers having no problem at all with any of those items above. So, when it comes to clearing up of some resources on the air for better business opportunities, those affected good customers would be taken care of very well so that their business would not be affected significantly. It is done in a manner that the company will even invest its own resources just to take care of the said good customers.

However, for those problematic customers, surely any satellite service operator/provider won’t hesitate to take unfavorable actions to them, thus creating a very huge and negative impact to their business.

It really doesn’t matter whether the satellite service operator/provider will breach the agreement or not, you will always be on the losing side. When it breaches the agreement, surely it can afford to pay it, however, your business operations will be interrupted and will be significantly affected to the point where the amount you may received out of it, couldn’t cover all those losses.

So, take good care of all those items above.

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