Friday, July 23, 2010

Used High-Tech and Scientific Equipments

If you are searching for used or brand new high-tech scientific equipments, then at, you will have so many options.

You can buy them, rent or even sell them. is a specialized Search Engine for buyers of used, refurbished or surplus equipment in the fields of:

1. Electronic Testing and Measurement
2. General Laboratory
3. Semiconductors

In 1999, the company had launced with several hundred listings and now - with more than 205,000 listings and directory of 700 dealers - it is The Number One Place to sell your used hi-tech and scientific equipment.

This is where buyers come to when looking for used equipment - and accordingly this is the place that your advertising dollar will bring the best returns.

Test it yourself. Search for a specific model of an equipment in Google and in most cases you will see a link to When potential buyers search for equipment they see the same link.

When a buyer sees your advertisement or listings on its site, they can send you an RFQ (Request for Quote), contact you by phone, or click-through to your site. And this click-through is much more valuable than one from general search engine because the person is interested in a specific item you have.

Today, people who want to buy used hi-tech equipment and do it quickly and effectively, go directly to

If your company is active in e-commerce in this field, you can be assured you can benefit by listing your inventory it this site.

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