Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Latest Update of Thaicom Satellites

This is just a quick overview of the status of the satellites of Thaicom PCL.

If all the matters that are taken care of at the moment will go ahead smoothly, then by 2013, Thaicom 6 will be in operation as planned, if God permits.

So, if you have the capacity requirement by that time, then it's better to begin any business deal with Thaicom PCL's sales people.

Time just flies, so it's the right time to begin presenting your satellite bandwidth need to the company so that proper space allotment could be done immediately.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thaicom PCL to Launch Thaicom 6

Attention Satellite Service Providers!

This information is from a very reliable source inside the said company mentioned below.

This is to formally informed you that Thaicom PCL are curently working on the demand forecast for the new satellite (Thaicom 6), which is planned to be in operation in 2013 at 78.5 E.

The standard C-band footprint shall be similar to the one of Thaicom 5 (regional beam).

So, if you think you have the capacity need by that time, or at the latest, a year after, it's better to start talking now to Handeil - it's International Sales Account Manager via this e-mail: handeilm@thaicom.net, or you can call him directly on his mobile phone: +66892014368.

Securing your satellite bandwidth needs of the future before actually launching the satellite is the most intelligent approach you can do to benefit your satellite related business. Doing it later, surely, it will not only give headaches in the negotiations stage, but it will also give you worries of whether you can secure the capacity or not because of the tight competition for the same capacity as it happened in the past.

Time just flies, so make the first move now!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Launching A New Satellite

One of the Asia's prominent satellite service operator and provider will be launching its new satellite within three-year period. So, by 2013, God willing and God permits, the scarcity of this telecommunication resources would be relaxed.

If you are planning to launch your telecommunication business that will utilize satellite bandwidth, it's better for you to be updated on this issue to secure your needed capacity.

To secure your slot, you may leave your comment below and indicate how much bandwidth you would be needing by then, and for what specific application is it for.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Satellite Service Adviser Admin

Friday, August 13, 2010

Satellite Bandwidth Requirements

The limited satellite bandwidth capacity nowadays gives a lot of troubles not only to the start-up broadcasting businesses, but also to those existing ones with expiring service agreement with the satellite service provider. They don't have much bargaining power as before when there was abundance of this commodity.

Most of the satellite providers when capacity is scarce, normally raised up the price of this very important resource.

Everything has to do with the suppply and demand principle.

Thaicom used to be the best in terms of price, but because of the present capacity situation, everything has changed a lot.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Thaicom Satellite

The news about the Thai government starts its plan to buy back Thaicom satellite from Singapore was the hot issue a couple of months ago.

People thought that by sending Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij to meet with Temasek executives the government was really serious about it. However, the issue has just disappeared few weeks later.

The question now is whether or not the government can afford to pay the price, or whether it has the funds available to realize this plan.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Satellite Internet Service Systems

If you are looking for a Fixed Satellite Internet, or a Mobile Satellite Internet, or even a Portable Satellite Internet, or Maritime Satellite Internet, then Ground Control – the Global Satellite Internet Solution is the answer.

Ground Control is a provider of Premium Satellite Internet Services not only in the United States, but also internationally. Its expert VSAT sales consultants can quickly determine the most cost effective solution for your requirements for Fixed, Mobile, Portable, and Maritime satellite systems.

There isn't anywhere it don't go, so trust it can connect you Anywhere and Anytime. Try it now!

For details, please log on the Ground Control website from this link: http://www.groundcontrol.com/

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lowest Priced DVB-S FTA Receiver

To Purchasing Department or To Whom It May Concerned.

If you are looking for a business opportunity and wanted to partner with a qualified OEM manufacturer manufacturing and producing mainly the following products: DVB receiver (DVB-T, DVB-S, HD-DVB, IPTV, dreambox), LNBF, then Flourish Int Commerce Ltd ( Chieta Electrical ) has the lowest price for the FTA receiver and LNB. It’s only few U.S.D. for DVB-S FTA receiver.

For more details, you may direct you inquiry to me at judaiz12@yahoo.com for a personalized assistance, or you may visit the company’s website directly here: http://www.chieta.com/en/index.asp

Thank you very much.

Galaxy 15: The First Casualty of the New Solar Cycle.

The more satellites the operator has, the better and more secure the business is. In the case of Intelsat, the more satellite it has, the greater is the chance that one of it will be hit by a unique natural phenomenon, like the solar storm.

Galaxy 15, an out-of-control "zombie satellite," is the first casualty of the new solar cycle, which produced an eruption of magnetic energy on April 3. According to the AOL news from this link: http://www.aolnews.com/tech/article/turns-out-zombie-satellite-not-as-evil-as-it-appeared/19554708, it's been nicknamed the "zombie satellite" because its electronic brain was fried but its communication payload is still functioning.

According to Steve Good, Intelsat’s global director, there was some panic originally, but the real danger with the zombie satellite is not that it would crash into other spacecraft for as Good assures, it’s "physically impossible" -- but that it would interfere with signals from other satellites as it drifts.

Surely this news will open up the minds of those clients who are presently utilizing service of those satellite providers running its business without any back-up. Good for Intelsat because it has so many back-ups satellites.

To see the whole story, please explore the link indicated above.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Broadband Satellite

If you are looking for a broadband satellite that will help you run your satellite related business, then you must explore IPSTAR.

Thaicom 4 satellite popularly known as IPSTAR is one of Asia’s leading commercial satellite with a very huge capacity that will serve your capacity needs.

The company called Thaicom Plc. (formerly, Shin Satellite) has conceived and developed a new generation of broadband satellite that would serve the demand for high-speed broadband Internet access in the future.

In the past, broadband via satellite has suffered from high cost compared to other systems available. THAICOM developed IPSTAR technology with its own patent to increase system capacity and efficiency such that the cost of service would be considerably lower than that currently provided by conventional satellites.

THAICOM 4 is the first of a new generation of broadband satellites that acts both as an Internet backbone connection to fiber optic cables for ISPs and as a last-mile broadband Internet service to consumers, competing with cable modem and ADSL.
THAICOM 4 satellite is one of the largest communications satellites ever built, with a massive bandwidth capacity of 45 Gbps, almost equivalent to all satellites serving Asia today. THAICOM 4 is also the first broadband satellite in the world.

For more details, please visit the company’s website here: http://www.thaicom.net/eng/satellite_thaicom4.aspx

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Integrated Technology Solutions

If you are looking for an integrated technology solutions for satellite communications-interfaced systems, then try Integral Systems, Inc. It’s reliable since it’s in this business for more than 25 years.

Its dedication to customer service has solidified long-term relationships with the U.S. Air Force, NASA, NOAA, and nearly every satellite operator in the world.

Integral Systems is a leader in the secure management, delivery and distribution of data and information from space and terrestrial-based platforms into networks for military, government and commercial satellite and aerospace customers. Its expert teams design and deliver innovative solutions combining customized products and services to address the specific needs of its partners, across any platform and any technology necessary to meet its customer’s needs.

Integral Systems Maximizes Customer Profits from Service Level Agreements in Latest Release of its COMPASS Network Management Product Suite.

So, try it now! Please visit its site here: http://www.integ.com/index.html

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Transmission Equipment for Triple Play Service Delivery

Please be informed that the Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) would like to introduce to any business-minded people who are interested for its Light Link Series signal transmission equipment for the delivery of ‘triple play’ services including TV, Internet and Voice across broadband networks.

The PBN product range includes:

Ø Optical TXs and RXs for all standard wavelengths 1270 nm thru 1610 nm,

Ø EDFA amplifiers,

Ø RFoG Systems,

Ø Deep fiber nodes and Distribution Amplifiers,

Ø FTTx systems, and

Ø Network System Monitoring, Management and Provisioning Software.

The value and benefits of PBN equipment are :

ü Western-design of broadband RF and optical equipment,

ü High-quality manufacturing to ensure product reliability,

ü Same-time-zone, Australia-based support, and

ü Price & Value ....... PBN products offer Value and can compete with any manufacturer on Price.

If you are interested, please log on to the website link below or request a full-line catalog if you have questions about the PBN product line or want a quote for equipment for any new projects you may be working on or considering to quote.

You may also direct your inquiry to the person below with the following details:

Howard Rupert,

Director, SE Asia Sales
Pacific Broadband Networks
8-10 Keith Campbell Court

Scoresby Victoria 3179 Australia
Phone: +61-3-9780-5100 (x 110)
Fax: +61-3-9763-5522
M: +61-411-066-108
Skype: howard.rupert

E-mail: hrupert@pbnglobal.com

Web: www.pbnglobal.com

Global Satellite Communications

If your business needs global communication system, then for your satellite needs,
whether its Avionics, Land, Marine, Portable, or Data, Global Satellite has the solution for you.

With its wide range of products and services the company will bring satellite communication down to earth.

With big name partners such as Iridium and Inmarsat, Global Satellite can equip you with the tools you need that work optimally with your personal needs.