Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Somali People Around the World,

Please, don’t be mislead by the information posted by from this link:

The information that contains e-mail communication between Thaicom and SOMGLOBAL TV posted without permission is modified somewhere. Despite repeated requests to remove it for the main reason that the information is no longer valid, the management neither take action to it nor make any response to several e-mails sent.

So, in this regard, please beware when referring to the information found in the message. I repeat, it’s not correct and it’s no longer valid.

Beware also when communicating with this company (SOMGLOBAL TV)
for without hesitation, it will post your confidential information into its website. I am not so sure whether it has removed already or not from its website after several requests.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


Friday, September 10, 2010

Sun Outage Predictions

Dear Valued Customer,

Sun Outage for Thaicom 5 could be fall from September to the middle of October, 2010. Timeline will be different and depends upon the location.

Please kindly find below instruction how to check the exact timeline for your country.

1. Go to

2. Enter your earth station information such as latitude and longitude. If you are not sure about latitude and longitude, please click on “Lat-Long Lookup” an then you will get this information when you select Country and City.

3. At Year and Season: Select Year 2010 and Autumn (Fall)

4. At satellite: Select your satellite such as Thaicom 5

5. Enter your antenna size. Normally C-band is 3 meters and Ku-band is 60cm.

6. Enter Downlink Frequency in GHz measurement

7. Submit your entry as clicking on “Predict Sun Outage Now”


In Karachi, Pakistan, C-Band using antenna dish 3 meters

Sun Outage Prediction Results

Ground Station InformationSun Outage Parameters
Longitude (deg E): 67.03
Lattitude (deg N): 24.85
Azimuth (deg): 154.23
Elevation (deg): 58.22
Antenna Size (m): 3.00
Frequency (GHz): 3.6000
Year: 2010
Season (1=summer,2=fall): 2
Satellite: Thaicom 5

Sun Outage Events
DateStart time(GMT)Stop time(GMT)Durations

If you have additional inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for being with us.

Best Regards,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thaicom PCL Wecomes Investors to Invest on its Thaicom 6

Attention Investors!

In regards to the previous post regarding Thaicom PCL's launching of Thaicom 6, the company will only add another Ku-Band transponders dedicated to the Middle East and Africa or any location investor wishes when there's a solid commitment from this interested investors. They can specify how many transponders they want right at the very beginning, for it could no longer be changed once the designed was already done completely.

Thaicom PCL will wait any investor only within this year (2010) to accept offers of interest to invest with Thaicom 6. Otherwise, there's no extra transponders will be added on Thaicom 6 for it is mainly built as replacement for Thaicom 2.

So, please kindly spread the news in your country or the whole Middle East and pull out all those investors who are keen to invest in satellite industry. It's a very profitable business and Thaicom PCL is a very solid company, having a long years of experience in the field.

Thank you very much.

Cheers to everyone!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thacom 6 for DTH Business Over the Middle East and Northern Parts of Africa

Thaicom 6 is mainly for replacement to Thaicom 2 which would be shifted toward Thailand's second satellite orbital slot.

When the new satellite is already in operation by 2013, all the Thai customers in Thaicom 5 would be transferred to Thaicom 6, thus freeing lots of C-Band capacity in Thaicom 5, both Regional and Global beams.

So, those clients who had approached Thaicom many months back, but told that no capacity available, then it's the right time to negotiate with Thaicom's sales people.

You may contact Mr. Handeil Magnanao to this e-mail address:, or you may call him directly to this number: +66892014368.

Those who are in the Middle East or in the Northern parts of Africa are welcomed to invest in Thaicom 6.

Any investor in these parts of the region who have planned for DTH business, you have 3 months (starting today) to decide to present to Thaicom PLC your required number of Ku-Band transponders dedicated only to those mentioned coverage.

It's the cheapest and a great way to acquire a Ku-Band capacity in Thaicom 6 intended for those regions.

Securing your satellite capacity needs for 2013 and beyond before launching the satellite is the most prudent decision you can do today for your planned DTH business before this year ends.

So, hurry now!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Latest Update of Thaicom Satellites

This is just a quick overview of the status of the satellites of Thaicom PCL.

If all the matters that are taken care of at the moment will go ahead smoothly, then by 2013, Thaicom 6 will be in operation as planned, if God permits.

So, if you have the capacity requirement by that time, then it's better to begin any business deal with Thaicom PCL's sales people.

Time just flies, so it's the right time to begin presenting your satellite bandwidth need to the company so that proper space allotment could be done immediately.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thaicom PCL to Launch Thaicom 6

Attention Satellite Service Providers!

This information is from a very reliable source inside the said company mentioned below.

This is to formally informed you that Thaicom PCL are curently working on the demand forecast for the new satellite (Thaicom 6), which is planned to be in operation in 2013 at 78.5 E.

The standard C-band footprint shall be similar to the one of Thaicom 5 (regional beam).

So, if you think you have the capacity need by that time, or at the latest, a year after, it's better to start talking now to Handeil - it's International Sales Account Manager via this e-mail:, or you can call him directly on his mobile phone: +66892014368.

Securing your satellite bandwidth needs of the future before actually launching the satellite is the most intelligent approach you can do to benefit your satellite related business. Doing it later, surely, it will not only give headaches in the negotiations stage, but it will also give you worries of whether you can secure the capacity or not because of the tight competition for the same capacity as it happened in the past.

Time just flies, so make the first move now!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Launching A New Satellite

One of the Asia's prominent satellite service operator and provider will be launching its new satellite within three-year period. So, by 2013, God willing and God permits, the scarcity of this telecommunication resources would be relaxed.

If you are planning to launch your telecommunication business that will utilize satellite bandwidth, it's better for you to be updated on this issue to secure your needed capacity.

To secure your slot, you may leave your comment below and indicate how much bandwidth you would be needing by then, and for what specific application is it for.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Satellite Service Adviser Admin

Friday, August 13, 2010

Satellite Bandwidth Requirements

The limited satellite bandwidth capacity nowadays gives a lot of troubles not only to the start-up broadcasting businesses, but also to those existing ones with expiring service agreement with the satellite service provider. They don't have much bargaining power as before when there was abundance of this commodity.

Most of the satellite providers when capacity is scarce, normally raised up the price of this very important resource.

Everything has to do with the suppply and demand principle.

Thaicom used to be the best in terms of price, but because of the present capacity situation, everything has changed a lot.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Thaicom Satellite

The news about the Thai government starts its plan to buy back Thaicom satellite from Singapore was the hot issue a couple of months ago.

People thought that by sending Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij to meet with Temasek executives the government was really serious about it. However, the issue has just disappeared few weeks later.

The question now is whether or not the government can afford to pay the price, or whether it has the funds available to realize this plan.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Satellite Internet Service Systems

If you are looking for a Fixed Satellite Internet, or a Mobile Satellite Internet, or even a Portable Satellite Internet, or Maritime Satellite Internet, then Ground Control – the Global Satellite Internet Solution is the answer.

Ground Control is a provider of Premium Satellite Internet Services not only in the United States, but also internationally. Its expert VSAT sales consultants can quickly determine the most cost effective solution for your requirements for Fixed, Mobile, Portable, and Maritime satellite systems.

There isn't anywhere it don't go, so trust it can connect you Anywhere and Anytime. Try it now!

For details, please log on the Ground Control website from this link:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lowest Priced DVB-S FTA Receiver

To Purchasing Department or To Whom It May Concerned.

If you are looking for a business opportunity and wanted to partner with a qualified OEM manufacturer manufacturing and producing mainly the following products: DVB receiver (DVB-T, DVB-S, HD-DVB, IPTV, dreambox), LNBF, then Flourish Int Commerce Ltd ( Chieta Electrical ) has the lowest price for the FTA receiver and LNB. It’s only few U.S.D. for DVB-S FTA receiver.

For more details, you may direct you inquiry to me at for a personalized assistance, or you may visit the company’s website directly here:

Thank you very much.

Galaxy 15: The First Casualty of the New Solar Cycle.

The more satellites the operator has, the better and more secure the business is. In the case of Intelsat, the more satellite it has, the greater is the chance that one of it will be hit by a unique natural phenomenon, like the solar storm.

Galaxy 15, an out-of-control "zombie satellite," is the first casualty of the new solar cycle, which produced an eruption of magnetic energy on April 3. According to the AOL news from this link:, it's been nicknamed the "zombie satellite" because its electronic brain was fried but its communication payload is still functioning.

According to Steve Good, Intelsat’s global director, there was some panic originally, but the real danger with the zombie satellite is not that it would crash into other spacecraft for as Good assures, it’s "physically impossible" -- but that it would interfere with signals from other satellites as it drifts.

Surely this news will open up the minds of those clients who are presently utilizing service of those satellite providers running its business without any back-up. Good for Intelsat because it has so many back-ups satellites.

To see the whole story, please explore the link indicated above.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Broadband Satellite

If you are looking for a broadband satellite that will help you run your satellite related business, then you must explore IPSTAR.

Thaicom 4 satellite popularly known as IPSTAR is one of Asia’s leading commercial satellite with a very huge capacity that will serve your capacity needs.

The company called Thaicom Plc. (formerly, Shin Satellite) has conceived and developed a new generation of broadband satellite that would serve the demand for high-speed broadband Internet access in the future.

In the past, broadband via satellite has suffered from high cost compared to other systems available. THAICOM developed IPSTAR technology with its own patent to increase system capacity and efficiency such that the cost of service would be considerably lower than that currently provided by conventional satellites.

THAICOM 4 is the first of a new generation of broadband satellites that acts both as an Internet backbone connection to fiber optic cables for ISPs and as a last-mile broadband Internet service to consumers, competing with cable modem and ADSL.
THAICOM 4 satellite is one of the largest communications satellites ever built, with a massive bandwidth capacity of 45 Gbps, almost equivalent to all satellites serving Asia today. THAICOM 4 is also the first broadband satellite in the world.

For more details, please visit the company’s website here:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Integrated Technology Solutions

If you are looking for an integrated technology solutions for satellite communications-interfaced systems, then try Integral Systems, Inc. It’s reliable since it’s in this business for more than 25 years.

Its dedication to customer service has solidified long-term relationships with the U.S. Air Force, NASA, NOAA, and nearly every satellite operator in the world.

Integral Systems is a leader in the secure management, delivery and distribution of data and information from space and terrestrial-based platforms into networks for military, government and commercial satellite and aerospace customers. Its expert teams design and deliver innovative solutions combining customized products and services to address the specific needs of its partners, across any platform and any technology necessary to meet its customer’s needs.

Integral Systems Maximizes Customer Profits from Service Level Agreements in Latest Release of its COMPASS Network Management Product Suite.

So, try it now! Please visit its site here:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Transmission Equipment for Triple Play Service Delivery

Please be informed that the Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) would like to introduce to any business-minded people who are interested for its Light Link Series signal transmission equipment for the delivery of ‘triple play’ services including TV, Internet and Voice across broadband networks.

The PBN product range includes:

Ø Optical TXs and RXs for all standard wavelengths 1270 nm thru 1610 nm,

Ø EDFA amplifiers,

Ø RFoG Systems,

Ø Deep fiber nodes and Distribution Amplifiers,

Ø FTTx systems, and

Ø Network System Monitoring, Management and Provisioning Software.

The value and benefits of PBN equipment are :

ü Western-design of broadband RF and optical equipment,

ü High-quality manufacturing to ensure product reliability,

ü Same-time-zone, Australia-based support, and

ü Price & Value ....... PBN products offer Value and can compete with any manufacturer on Price.

If you are interested, please log on to the website link below or request a full-line catalog if you have questions about the PBN product line or want a quote for equipment for any new projects you may be working on or considering to quote.

You may also direct your inquiry to the person below with the following details:

Howard Rupert,

Director, SE Asia Sales
Pacific Broadband Networks
8-10 Keith Campbell Court

Scoresby Victoria 3179 Australia
Phone: +61-3-9780-5100 (x 110)
Fax: +61-3-9763-5522
M: +61-411-066-108
Skype: howard.rupert



Global Satellite Communications

If your business needs global communication system, then for your satellite needs,
whether its Avionics, Land, Marine, Portable, or Data, Global Satellite has the solution for you.

With its wide range of products and services the company will bring satellite communication down to earth.

With big name partners such as Iridium and Inmarsat, Global Satellite can equip you with the tools you need that work optimally with your personal needs.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Broadcast Client in the Continent of Africa

Even without saying anything about the pictures, it clearly shows the sequenced of a certain event that happened somewhere in the continent of Africa.

It tells us a complete short story of one man's journey in one of the beautiful countries in Somalia "The Somaliland". Some people call the country "the breakaway region of Somalia."

The first picture depicts our arrival taking the Ethiopian airline from Ethiopia to Hargiesa Somaliland. It's our last short flight after our second (about 4-hours) flight from Dubai, UAE an hour after our 6-hours flight from Bangkok, Thailand.

It was really a very long journey for us having one worry-some concern lossing one of our most important and useful telecommunication equipments to be used for our installation. However, we had recovered this thing about three days after our arrival at our destination in Hargiesa, Somaliland.

The second picture shows the entrance of the EGAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. This is where we had exited when we finally arrived the country after a long trip from Bangkok, Thailand. This is where we have to get in when we return to the base after completing our assigned task in the country.

The next two pictures are just ones of the many we had taken along the way as we had travelled about 20 minutes from the airport to the hotel where had stayed all the days of our stay in the the country.

There are so many interesting things in the country that the Somaliland people are very proud of. And it can only be known when you are there. You can't get it by just simply reading it from anywhere. It's like the feeling that you can differentiate when you are swimming in the water, or by just watching somebody swimming in it.

Below is the hotel where stayed in, and where we had taken all our meals all through the duration of our stays. We hadn't tried dining outside because of our very hectic shedules trying to complete the mission on time.

This hotel is just five minutes away from the location of the compound where we had installed the broadcast equipments our client bought through our company.

The car below was our delay service which we had paid few dollars each day for the short trips and waiting for us whenever we need to go somewhere during the day.

The next two pictures shows our happy faces on our first day of work. The first one is showing myself and our engineer, Mr. Sutti from Thailand.

The second one is another engineer, also from Thailand. He's a very small guy like me, but so expert in telecommunication matters. Mr. Kitti is also has the same expertise with Mr. Sombat in the field of telecommuncation.

I am on the same field, but this was my first real experience in real world of telecommunications. My main task of going to the country with our engineers was to close another deal with another broadcast client living in the same city.

We became very closed friends after sharing this same experience in the country. They're so generous to me sharing all their knowlege in this kind of work.

Though my backrounds are also in the telecomunications, but my expertise was mainly confined on the books, and it's the realizations of all the theories I had learned and taught in the univesity I had graduated and lectured in my own country and was enriched more in Thailand for more that seven years while in the academe again after finishing my Master of Engineering in Telecommunication at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Best Triple-play Bundled Services

You can now supercharge your High-Def TV with the state-of-the-art HD DVR receiver of DIRECTV. Your HDTV alone won't give you an HD picture. You need HD service and an HD receiver.

DIRECTV’s HD DVR delivers up to 1080p HD resolution, the highest picture quality available, the same as Blu-ray, and state-of-the-art digital video recording. Plus, with a 3D TV, you can enter the amazing world of HD 3.

With DIRECTV on Demand, you will have the access to thousands of the hottest movies and shows whenever you want them.

With DIRECTV2PC™, watch your favorite shows on your computer, while your kids are hogging the TV.

DIRECTV's Media Share lets you see and enjoy your digital photo album on your TV, avoid crowding around your computer.

Try this now while good offers are still there! Just go directly to this link for more details:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Self-Hosted Streaming Business

If you want to set-up your own self-hosted streaming business today and want to monetize your contents, then according to Flumotion at, there are three possible solutions for your different streaming needs: Software, Services and 360 WebTV.

Flumotion Streaming Software – Bestseller: software for CDNs, Flumotion CDN Platform Service –Bestseller: On Demand Service and Flumotion 360 WebTV – Bestseller: 360 WebTV Play

With these, you will be able to create your own TV, Radio or Live Event using the #1 streaming server.

To find out more, please kindly visit either of the link above link or this link:

Thank you very much.

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Production Studios With the Latest HD Technology

If you are content creators from the broad TV industry, corporate communications and the advertising sector, and you need TV productions studios ranging in size from news studios to large entertainment production studios, then twofour54 intaj is the answer.

It offers state-of-the-art production and post-production facilities, media management, digital archiving, playout and broadcasting services.

It has five production studios and all of them are fully equipped with the latest HD technology, with skilled technical, operational and creative staff from its highly qualified in-house team.

Each studio has a fully equipped production gallery, its own comfortable green room and allocated make-up and dressing rooms.

The sound proofed studios have full saturation lighting rigs and soft infinity ‘cycs’ . The large and medium sized studios have 4 x 4 metre ‘elephant doors’ to allow full drive-in access and dedicated scene storage areas.

Outdoor production equipment is also available with Sony high-end HDCAM camcorders, model HDW-F900. They come with a comprehensive kit of audio, lighting equipment and accessories. Standard definition ENG kits are also available.

To find out more, please see the details here:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

World's Smallest Satellite Broadband Solution

If you are looking for the best satellite phones with the following advantages: high - speed mobile satellite broadband, always - on connectivity, low activation fee, low monthly charges and pay-as-you-go billing, charging based on usage (per megbyte) with accessibility to both pre-paid and post paid options, then Thuraya IP Starter Package is the answer.

Thuraya IP is the world’s smallest satellite broadband solution, incorporating speeds of up to 444kbps. It is an A5 size terminal, weighing just 1.3kg, requires no software installation and is truly a plug-and-play device. Thuraya IP is ideal for single users using bandwidth-hungry applications such as transmission of live video and video conferencing, as well as for teams who need to set up a mobile office.

To find more about this information, please kindly visit this site:

Good luck!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Solutions For Digital Video Broadcasting

If you are looking for solutions to your digital video broadcasting, then MVD Cores is the answer.

MVD Cores is an engineering team highly specialized in Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and FPGA technologies. The company provides IP cores for Processing, Transporting and Transmission of MPEG, DVB and ATSC standards for Xilinx FPGAs. The products and services catalog contains a wide range of on-the-shelf IPs to build solutions to carry MPEG-TS to RF.
It's IPs cover almost all worldwide standards of current technologies for broadcasting over Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Cable TV (CATV) and Satellite.

If you are interested to learn more about this company and its services, then just explore this link:

Good luck!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Satellite TV Receiver

Today, people have so many options when it comes to satellite TV receiver. One of the best option is the dream box dm 500 s/c as you can see in this picture.

For this specific product, below are some of its details:

Main features are a 400 MHz processor, the Dreambox DM 500 S/C supports the Linux TV API
Have a look to HighDefinition TV on your Dreambox DM 500 S Digital Satellite receiver.

• 10/100MBit compatible Ethernet Interface
• HDMI connector
• 400 MHz MIPS Processor
• Linux Operating System
• 2 LED status
• MPEG-2 / H.264 Hardware decoding
• Tuner: DVB-S2
• 1 x Smartcard-Reader (Dreamcrypt CA)
• eSATA connector
• Mini USB for Service and software update
• 10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface
• 1 x Scart (RGB, FBAS, YUV or S-Video)
• analog modem
• S/PDIF Interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3)
• 64 MByte Flash, 256 MByte RAM
• unlimited channel lists for TV/Radio
• channel-change time < 1 second
• automatic service scan
• directly bouquet-lists
• EPG (electronic program guide)
• multiple LNB-Switching control (supports DiSEqC)
• OSD in many languages and skin-support
• Videotext Decoder
• external 12V power supply

1)DBS-Tuner, DVB-S2:
Frequency Range 950 .... 2150 MHz
Demodulation DVB-S (QPSK); DVB-S2 (8PSK,QPSK)
Symbol rate DVB-S: 2 ... 45 Mbaud/s, SCPC/ MCPC
DVB-S2: 10 – 31 Mbaud/s (8PSK) , 10 –30 Mbaud/s (QPSK)
1)DBS-Tuner, DVB-S2:
Frequency Range 950 .... 2150 MHz
Demodulation DVB-S (QPSK); DVB-S2 (8PSK,QPSK)
Symbol rate DVB-S: 2 ... 45 Mbaud/s, SCPC/ MCPC
DVB-S2: 10 – 31 Mbaud/s (8PSK) , 10 –30 Mbaud/s (QPSK)
2)Video decoder:
Video Compression MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 compatible, H.246
Video Formats 4:3 / 16:9
Letterbox for 4:3 TV-Device
3)Audio decoder:
Audiokompression MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 Layer I and II, MP3
Audio Mode Dual (main/sub), Stereo
Frequency: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 24 kHz
4)Output analog:
Output Level L/R 0,5 Vss on 600 Ohm
THD > 60 dB (1 kHz)
Crosstalk < -65 dB
5)Output digital:
Output Level 0,5 Vss on 75 Ohm
Sampled Data Filtering 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
S/PDIF-Output optical, Toslink
6)Ausgang Video:
Ausgangspegel FBAS 1 Vss +/- 0.3 dB an 75 Ohm
7)Video parameter:
Input Level FBAS 1 Vss +/- 0.3 dB on 75 Ohm
Teletext filter in conformity with ETS 300 472 Standard
Output: FBAS, YUV, RGB, S-Video
9)MiniUSB service connector
Function: Firmware update
10/100 MBit compatible interface
Function: Firmware update
11)Analoge modem:
analoge modem for Internet connection
12)LNB power and polarisation per tuner:
LNB Current 500mA max.; short-circuit-protected
LNB Voltage vertical < 14V no load, > 11,5V at 400mA
LNB Voltage horizontal < 20V no load, > 17,3V at 400mA
13)Count of active satellite position:
DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2 and USALS - Rotor Control
14)Power consumption:
12W at 12V in operation
1W in standby
15)External PSU
110-240V AC / 50-60Hz / 0,6A
12V = / 3,0A
16)Physical specification:
Ambient Temperature +15°C...+35°C
Humidity < 80%
Size (W x D x H): 195 mm x 130 mm x 40 mm
Weight: 1,5 kg

The DreamBox 500C is the smallest digital Linux SetTopBox based receiver with card sharing function.
- 250 MHz IBM PowerPC Processor (350 Mips)
- Linux Operating System
- MPEG2 Hardware decoding
- Common available NIMs (DVB-S, DVB-C)
- V.24/RS232 Interface
- Unlimited channel lists for TV/Radio
- Channel-change time < 1 second
- Full automatic service scan
- Supports directly bouquet-lists (indirect unlimited)
- Supports EPG (electronic program guide)
- Supports multiple LNB-Switching control (supports DiSEqC)
- Fully adaptable OSD in many languages (skin-support)
- SPDI/F Interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3 / DTS)
- 1 x Scart-interfaces (fully controlled by software)

If you wish or interested to buy this product, just go directly to this link:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Used High-Tech and Scientific Equipments

If you are searching for used or brand new high-tech scientific equipments, then at, you will have so many options.

You can buy them, rent or even sell them. is a specialized Search Engine for buyers of used, refurbished or surplus equipment in the fields of:

1. Electronic Testing and Measurement
2. General Laboratory
3. Semiconductors

In 1999, the company had launced with several hundred listings and now - with more than 205,000 listings and directory of 700 dealers - it is The Number One Place to sell your used hi-tech and scientific equipment.

This is where buyers come to when looking for used equipment - and accordingly this is the place that your advertising dollar will bring the best returns.

Test it yourself. Search for a specific model of an equipment in Google and in most cases you will see a link to When potential buyers search for equipment they see the same link.

When a buyer sees your advertisement or listings on its site, they can send you an RFQ (Request for Quote), contact you by phone, or click-through to your site. And this click-through is much more valuable than one from general search engine because the person is interested in a specific item you have.

Today, people who want to buy used hi-tech equipment and do it quickly and effectively, go directly to

If your company is active in e-commerce in this field, you can be assured you can benefit by listing your inventory it this site.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

DigiHost Service Delivery Platform

If you are TV operators and are looking for a powerful media tools, that will help you captivate and attract customers by providing compelling, one-of-a-kind revenue generating interactive services and applications, then Digisoft solution is the answer.

Below is the summary of the basic information about this wonderful solution:

The Digisoft solution includes the DigiHost Service Delivery Platform that supports and manages the user experience delivery of interactive TV services through the Digisoft Java-based program guide (IPG) on set-top boxes (STBs) and other client devices such as PCs, portable storage devices, and mobile phones.

The DigiHost Service Delivery Platform is an open-standards based, head-end, iTV management and service delivery platform. Completely independent of any database or operating system, the DigiHost platform is fully scalable and fits well with existing services, provides seamless integration, and is compatible with any IPTV or hybrid environment.

DigiHost IPTV

IPTV can be transmitted from any country, anywhere in the world, making it a powerful media tool yet to be developed to its fullest potential.

Digisoft’s DigiHost Service Delivery Platform empowers IPTV operators to captivate and attract customers by providing compelling, one-of-a-kind revenue generating interactive services and applications, along with typical VOD and live-TV services layered over the multicast experience of IPTV.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Useful Tips When Looking for the Right Satellite Service Provider

When your business is using or will be using satellite service from any satellite service provider to facilitate its implementation, you need to find out some basic, but important information by answering the following questions:

1. Does the company
a. own its satellites?
b. established a better track record in the world market?
c. has a replacement or back-up satellite at least every three years?

2. Does the company’s
a. staffs are satisfied, friendly and happy people?
b. management are transparent and understanding?

3. Does the company’s country
a. peaceful?
b. government accommodating?

If the answers to all of the above questions are “YES”, then you are in the perfect satellite service provider. Otherwise, it’s better for you to find another one.

Why find another provider? Here are some of the reasons:

For the first item, if the satellite service provider does not own it satellites, renting only from others, then just expect that the bandwidth price would be higher than those who own them. If this same satellite service provider doesn’t have a better track record in the world market, then it just tells us that it’s not a better satellite service provider that you should deal with. If it has no record of replacement or back-up satellites at least every three years, then surely your business would not be so secured. If you have looked at your business for long terms, it must satisfy at least these criteria.

In the second item, if the company’s staffs are not satisfied, friendly and happy people, then you might be having trouble when communicating with them. Usually, when working people were not satisfied by how much they are paid for the kind of job they are doing in the company, or not comfortable with the environment they are working with, consequently, they are not friendly and happy people. Thus, expect some unusual working styles from them. Surely, most of them if not all, don’t like to respond to your e-mail communications in time, forgetting your requests, not entertaining you especially during emergency period, not interested to listen to your business concerns when you call them, especially when it involves financial matters, etc. So, if you don’t like to be annoyed by this kind of people, then forget this company and explore another one immediately.

You must be careful also to its management who might not be very transparent at the start. Just use your instinct to sense it right at the beginning of any negotiation, or if you know somebody who was dealing with it before, then they are the good sources of information. But, you need to double check all the information you have gathered on this part. So, check carefully the terms and condition of the agreement before signing it.

Oftentimes, any business is really unpredictable. Your clients might not be able to settle their dues to your company on time, thus affecting your own financial obligations to your satellite service provider. So, in this case, it would be better if your service provider is also a little flexible and understanding. However, you should not abuse it and don’t do it at the very early stage of your business aprtnerships. You need to establish first a year or two the best impressions necessary, especially to its finance department.

Also, you should not make it as your attitude to give any, the same or many reasons why you cannot do it on time. If it happens sometimes, surely it’s understandable and a good company is willing to understand your situation. Otherwise, it’s better to find another satellite service provider when the agreement you had signed with has already expired.

You will only know this part when you are already in business with your satellite service provider. Of course, during the early stage of your business dealing, you must not give any hint to the management you are dealing with to this possible scenario. It will just give you a negative impression from them.

Lastly, you need to determine whether or not the country where your satellite service provider is located is peaceful and no serious political issues. Otherwise, when something happens in the country, like civil war, then you will loss a very huge amount of money and your business will be affected significantly when service interruption occurs due to the above mentioned possible problem.

Also, try to find out whether it’s easy or not to visit your service provider’s country so that when there are serious issues that need your physical presence, you won’t find any difficulty to entering the country at any time.

If the answers to this part are negatives, then it’s a good hint for you to look for another one.

Hope all of the above has given you the lights you need when setting up your business that needs satellite service provider's services.

Good luck!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maintaining Your Excellent Business Relationships With Satellite Service Operators/Providers

If you are a customer of a well-established satellite service operators/providers, in order to preserve your excellent business relationships, please don’t do the following, especially when the existing service agreement is expiring or had already expired, or most importantly in a situation where the service provider is running out of the capacity to avoid a very losing business effects on your side.

1. Delaying too much on your monthly due to the company.

2. Ignoring its finance’s repeated reminders, especially the final reminder.

3. Neglecting or ignoring sales account manager’s repeated e-mails or avoiding his/her repeated calls.

In this kind of business, give and take actions are very important. A certain fact is that, they are as important to you as you are to them. As long as you can persevere to preserve well this very important fact in business relationship, then surely, you will not be having trouble with them.

When worst case situation happens, e.g., running out of the capacity, the company you are using service from will always consider first those customers having no problem at all with any of those items above. So, when it comes to clearing up of some resources on the air for better business opportunities, those affected good customers would be taken care of very well so that their business would not be affected significantly. It is done in a manner that the company will even invest its own resources just to take care of the said good customers.

However, for those problematic customers, surely any satellite service operator/provider won’t hesitate to take unfavorable actions to them, thus creating a very huge and negative impact to their business.

It really doesn’t matter whether the satellite service operator/provider will breach the agreement or not, you will always be on the losing side. When it breaches the agreement, surely it can afford to pay it, however, your business operations will be interrupted and will be significantly affected to the point where the amount you may received out of it, couldn’t cover all those losses.

So, take good care of all those items above.

DISH Network Satellite TV

If you are a user or user to be for a certain service with another specific requirements, especially for entertainment purposes, then, there is this well-known company called DISH Networks. It’s one of the most popular choices for TV service in a certain country whose details could be found from this site: This website is dedicated to helping those who are considering switching their service to DISH Network, or who have already signed up through its website, or over the phone with one of its DISH Network consultants. Many are very familiar with DISH Network, others are learning about it for the first time.

If you want to increase your entertainment choices on Satellite TV, then you need to sign-up with Satellite Sales - the sky's the limit for entertainment possibilities at this site:

Sports, movies, news, special events, your favorite local channels, there's always something to watch with DISH Network Satellite TV. Sign up and start watching today!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Business Deals with Satellite Industry Service Operators/Providers

Dealing directly with people working at the satellite industry or satellite service operators/providers has more advantages than working with those people or third party who called themselves “agent” or “consultant” to represent yourself or your company.

One advantage is you will know directly the exact price of the service you are looking for, and you will be assured that the number you are receiving has not marked-up.

Another advantage is you will have the over-all views of the terms and conditions of the agreement right at the beginning or during the negotiation periods. This is very important for you to understand in order to protect your business interest in the long run. You must be very careful and clear with it.

When looking for a satellite bandwidth, it is very helpful to talk to the right salesperson of the company. To get the accurate pricing, you must clearly indicate the correct frequency you want to occupy. Thus, you must have some background or do some home works on the following terms: Ku-Band or C-Band.

For C-Band, you must also know the difference between the standard C-Band and the Extended C-Band. And there is regional beam and global beam in this band of frequency. Ku-Band is in a higher frequency level and is normally good for DTH applications to take advantage of the small antenna size, or even for Internet service applications. However, it’s not stable during bad weather conditions.

When you ask for the satellite bandwidth pricing, you need to indicate the amount of bandwidth you required if you are going to uplink the channel directly from your location, or the bit rates your channel is going to use. Sometimes, because of the many contributing factors: antenna size, BUC/HPA specifications, modulation type preferred, FEC you want to use, the amount of bandwidth you have in mind would not be enough to satisfy the required channel bit rates. So, to determine this, a link budget calculation should be done first.

Satellite Service Inquiries

Today's satellite capacity trend is very obvious to everyone. Many potential satellite service users are hopping from one provider to another hoping to get the best price. However, because of the shortage of the capacity everywhere, the price of this commodity is really very high.

Smart people's strategies to finding satellite service providers differing prices won't work at all times because most of the satellite service providers have their smart people working together to counter this very annoying activities of some people called themselves "consultants".

So, if you are a businessman who has the vision to set up and uplink your own TV channel and you don't know anything, my advise is to visit this site and leave all your inquiries here on the comment portion below of this post and provide your specific requirements and I will get back to you within 24 hours to help you.