Friday, August 31, 2012

Why Secure Your Future Satellite Capacity Needs With Thaicom PLC?

Satellite operator and service provider's failure to adequately anticipate its need for satellite capacity for its clients and its inability to obtain the same capacity at the right time could harm the results of its overall operations.

Motivated by this fact and reality, and led by its new positive directions headed by its new CEO, Thaicom PLC reveals its long- term plans and its implementations: launching of its Thaicom 6 in the middle of 2013, Thaicom 7 somewhere in 2014 and followed by Thaicom 8 (IPStar 2), thereafter.

Television and radio broadcasting companies, telecommunications providers and ISP's, are now cooperating with Thaicom PLC for their needed satellite capacity in the near future in order to secure it. Guided by their past experiences, they are now taking positive actions ensuring that the future satellite capacity needs are locked and secured. According to their common feedbacks, they don't want to get into the same trouble again which causes them lots of new business opportunities lost.

So, learning from others' past experiences, now the question is, "Have you secured your satellite needs for the next year and beyond?" If you haven't booked yours yet, then it's the best time to do so in order to have a better negotiation advantage. Doing it later, not only that you're not assured of the capacity, but also loss your negotiation advantage due to the many competitions of the remaining scarce capacity which normally leads to a higher price - law of demand and supply principle. The worst case, capacity would be unavailable by the time you need it the most.

Hope this article would help you take the necessary actions while there's still ample time to do so.

Good luck!

Satellite Service Adviser

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Satellite DTH for Free: Buy Only the Satellite Receiving System Units

What if a satellite business company will offer to any household owner all the Free-to-Air TV and Radio channels in a country for free and no monthly payment obligation to the company, but needs only to buy the needed satellite receiving system: a small parabolic antenna dish and a receiver unit which will cost only $100 U.S. or less, depending on the location of the installation: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Papua New Gunea, etc., do you think, people will be into it? If yes, then it's a nice gift for Christmas to the family from their love ones living abroad.

If, apart from the said Free-to-Air TV and Radio channels, the company will also carry some international channels for free and live coverage of the most entertaining events in the country for different groups of people: boxing, cockfighting, basketball, religious events, locally created interesting contents and etc., do you think it would be a great strategy? To speed up the goal of attaining a least a million homes installed with the satellite system in the first year, do you think a word of mouth strategy if implemented would really be of a great help and better than the normal and expensive advertising method?

If yes, then surely, it's good news for the leaders of the existing and established network in the country, most especially if he/she has his/her own TV/Radio channel, or plan to have one. I am confident, the company has great offer for you!

For those who are not working and would like to earn, then it's your great chance to make a living by installing the system to those household owners who are interested to have one in their houses. The company will provide free training to those interested and qualified ones. Once you pass the system's installation training, then you can start earning by installing the system to anyone's house owner who is interested. If you have an inborn selling talent (or eager to learn to achieve this skill) as well, then it would be an added advantage to earn more and faster. Your earnings in a month depends on how many successful installations you can make in a day. The more you install, the more money you will earn.

So, just wait and check this page again for any updates. When everything is ready, all the detailed information will be posted here again.

Good luck!

Satellite Service Adviser.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

THAICOM SATELLITES as Platform FOR BSkyB's pay TV for Wider Distribution of Legacy London's Contents

I just sent e-mail to Mr. Robert Fraser, Director of external communications of BSkyB's Pay TV telling him about an article I have read from this link: talking about Legacy London, a 24-hour channel, which will begin airing its contents on BSkyB’s pay TV platform in November and is looking for wider distribution.

I also asked him whether any member of his team has a plan to visit the IBC 2012 exhibition at RAI Amsterdam in September 7-11, 2012 whom my team could meet and discuss with how we could possibly help his company realize Legacy London's goal of wider distribution of its contents.

I sent Thaicom satellites' footprints below for him to examine whether it's helpful for BSkyB's Pay TV business.

I just hope that he would convey my message to Mr. Nicholas Ferguson, Chairman and Jeremy Darroch, CEO of the said company.

God permits, meeting with these people happens, then it's a great step forward to realizing Thaicom's goal for UK and Europe.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thaicom 6 Satellite for For Southeast Asia and Africa

Some of the potential clients have opted to delay their buying of their future satellite capacity needs for the two obvious reasons: One is, they knew for sure that many satellite operators and service providers, such as Thaicom PLC, Singtel, SES, etc., would be launching next year (2013), which dates are spread into different quarters (Q1: SES-6, SES-8, ASTRA 2E; Q2: THAICOM 6, ST-3, Q3 and Q4 for the others). Second is, they are expecting that the more satellite launchings, the more capacity would be available and the cheaper the price would become.

Though this idea is true, however, I am not so sure whether they all have the full information and the details of each of the satellites to be launched such as, frequency bands: Ku, Ka, C (standard C or Extended C), orbital slot locations, launchers, etc.

To avoid any possible surprises, the capacity needs should be matched with the future available and appropriate capacity. So, if the need is a Standard C-Band and the coverage would be in Southeast Asia and Africa, then my advice is to deal with Thaicom PLC for its Thaicom 6 satellite.

Making a deal with Thaicom PLC within this year will give its potential clients such benefits as, first priority to securing of the capacity, cheaper, flexible and negotiable price.

So, hurry now to secure yours while available slots are still on pre-sale.

Good luck!

Satellite Service Adviser.