Sunday, June 4, 2017


It's one of the IPSTAR SNG demo unit that I had seen at Thaicom's HQ in Thailand.

The second picture below shows the details of what's inside.

Basically, it contains the encoder, decoder, modulator, old type of IPSTAR modem for broadband applications - video streaming.

This time, IPSTAR sales guys usually recommend to their clients to use SkyEdge II - IP modem for a much better performance for their streaming applications.

For broadcast applications, Ericsson brand for encoder, decoder, modulator, etc. are recommended to the clients.

IPSTAR technical guys in coordination with other suppliers of other brands for SNG equipment were also doing POC to find out whether or not their product is working perfectly with IPSTAR satellite technology.

Everyone is hoping that the POC results were positive so these other brands could also be recommended to their clients for the cost of it is much better than Ericsson.