Thursday, April 20, 2017

Connectivity for Banking Industries

In the Philippines, Internet connectivity is a very long-standing problem in every business industry. One of the sectors that is so affected by the problem is the banking industry.

It's so frustrating seeing ATM machines off-line not only in the big business establishments, but even at the airport. It's the very reason why central bank in the Philippines was giving it's directive to this business sector to provide secondary link on its existing connectivity to avoid or minimize this kind of problem - offline due to connectivity issue on its ATM machines.

Now, there's a solution which was proven effective not only in the Philippines, but also to other countries where IPSTAR has a coverage.

In the Philippines, it's used by UnionBank, and this client is very happy for it immediately resume it's service after a typhoon hit Bicol region and devastated the telecommunications infrastructures there.

It's the same technology used by the same bank when typhoon Haiyan (a.k.a. typhoon Yolanda) devastated Tacloban.

The secondary link that banking industries needs to provide should be via satellite, like Thaicom-4, a.k.a., IPSTAR. It has a built-in security features (IPSEC) that will address security issues banking industries are concerned about.

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