Sunday, April 23, 2017

Digital Life Solution for Education

Good news for the education sector of the country covered by Thaicom 4 (a.k.a., IPSTAR) for Thaicom PLC's innovative technological solution is now ready for deployment.

Digital Life product highlight are summarized into three categories, such as Capability, Efficiency and Reliability.

Reliability means that, even if the terrestrial networks fails, Digital Life solution is always connected. Lost contents due to rain will be recovered when rain is gone. It's reliable because of it has OTA support feature.

Digital Life technology solution is efficient and it has a lower risk to congest other Internet services and lower risk to overload VDO/Web servers because VDO contents are stored locally. It's compatible with any Internet applications.

It's capable of the following: On Demand VDO which cause no impact to the Internet speed, watch on preferred contents via mobile devices, support rating and interactives and etc.

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