Sunday, April 16, 2017


There lots of interesting innovative ideas shown during the Thaicom Innovation Day (6-7, July 2016) last year.

Some of them are already in existence, but some modifications had been made to fit the needs and some are really new. And one of my favorite is the Place and Play Broadband Anywhere as you can see in the picture below. It's a hybrid of the two known technologies: 3G Internet for the uplink or upload part and satellite (IPSTAR) for downlink or download. One important and interesting feature of this innovation is, it will use a light weight of whole component of the equipment and fully portable which is capable of receiving information at the speed of 45Mbps. With just one push of the button, it will automatically acquire Thaicom 4 satellite (a.k.a. IPSTAR).

It's an excellent product for rapid deployment. It's ready for service in just one and a half minutes (90 seconds). It's very useful for communication in emergency response after a calamity or a disaster.

For TV streaming using Android and iOS, it the has the following capability:

- Download via satellite with speed of up to 45Mbps
- Live
- Time shift (Max 2 hours backward replay of live program

So far, there's no information yet of how much it would cost to produce or to acquire a unit of this technology.

In my opinion, it would be much better if the 3G component would be out of the picture to make sure that even during or immediately after a natural disaster, like the case of typhoon Haiayan (a.k.a. Typhoon Yolanda) which badly devastated Tacloban and for about a month, there's no telecommunication infrastructure had left standing. Thus, for about a month or more, no 3G service in the affected areas in Tacloban.

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