Wednesday, April 19, 2017

POC for Internet Connectivity at HITACHI CABLE - Lima, Batangas, Philippines

It's a Poof-of-Concept (POC) at Hitachi Cable - Lima Batangas, Philippines. Of the three bidders, two of IPSTAR service provider partners had joined the bidding, but only one of them (EDGECOMM, INC.) had used VSAT; the other two, used IP radio for Internet connectivity for the client.

Each company was then required to demonstrate their individual Internet service to be offered.

Due the the new policy at the PEZA in Lima Batangas where the company is located, the third bidder took so much time to demonstrate their service for it took them so much time to produce the required documents.

However, it's about three months now, HITACHI hadn't sent us yet any notice of what had happened, or who won the bidding.

EDGECOMM, INC. is still hoping to win the bidding. It's CEO said that VSAT is the best solution to client's requirement because it could be deployed quickly and it would take only about two hours to complete the installation, and the Internet connection would then be ready immediately.

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