Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Some Ways to Secure Client's VSAT Outdoor Unit

The pictures below show some ways to securing VSAT outdoor unit of the client.

The first picture depicts a solution of the school to secure its VSAT outdoor unit from any curious student who might touch or move it accidentally or intentionally.

This is one of the best solutions for a crowded places where the VSAT should be installed. Other possible solution is to put the VSAT on top of a building or any stable structure that could hold it firmly.

The second picture depicts a solution that is best for site locations which normally floods during rainy seasons.

One of our clients put his unit on top of the structure where his water tank is setting on.

Other clients use 6 to 10 feet steel pole to extend the height of the VSAT from the ground to secure it from the flood and from any intentional or accidental touching or moving.

Any solution for as long as it won't create blockage of the line-of-sight (LOS) between the VSAT antenna dish and the satellite in the sky, would be acceptable.

After gathering all the needed facts about the site location through site survey and interview, our team could recommend the best solution to securing the VSAT outdoor unit.

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