Friday, April 21, 2017


This is one of the five POC sites in the province of Pangasinan where EDGECOMM, INC. was finally convinced of the capability and effectiveness of the IPSTAR technology and it's newly adapted Gilat SkyEge II-IP satellite modem.

The area, where the Sampaloc National High School is located was known to be a dead spot for both major telcos' coverage and everybody who're not familiar with satellite technology, thought that it would be impossible to get Internet connection there.

However, when the VSAT start operating, and the ICT person in-charged in that school start accessing Youtube video contents while everyone was watching, they were amazed at what they had seen, and it was then that EDGECOMM INC., President & CEO had finally decided to proceed with his connectivity business using IPSTAR satellite and Gilat SkyEdge II-IP.

Now, EDGECOMM INC., one of the service provider partners of THAICOM PLC., owner of IPSTAR technology, a satellite operator and telecommunication service provider based in Thailand, starts harvesting the fruits they had planted about three year ago.

So far, they are now providing, operating, managing, maintaining broadband Internet connectivity via IPSTAR broadband satellite using Gilat SkyEdge II-IP for their government and private clients such as, schools under DepEd, Mining, construction, resort and banking industries and many more are lining up waiting for the completion of the current POCs for the potential clients.

If the Philippine government is really serious about solving the digital divide issues in the country, then connectivity via satellite is the most effective, efficient, reliable and secured solution, and the fastest solution that could be deployed.

Economically, if IPSTAR satellite is used, then the cost issues will surely be addressed. It's the cheapest among all the available satellite capacity as of this writing. The main reason behind is that IPSTAR is a broadband satellite with a total capacity of 45Gbps, which is equivalent to about 20 conventional satellites which has a capacity of only 1 to 2 Gbps per satellite.

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