Thursday, May 18, 2017

Connectivity Problem in the Philippines

The Philippine Government is now very determined to address this very long standing problem that the country had been and still suffering of until this moment.

By the end of this month, May, 2017, there would be an opening of bids initiated by DICT. Just hoping that this new people of this department will think prudently when deciding who would be qualified to implement this very big connectivity project.

If the filtering process for the bidders begins immediately at the start of the process of finding the right service provider who will implement this massive project, then chances are that there would be no repeat failure that this DICT will experience this time.

However, if the decision makers will omit this important process and is guided or influenced by a promised of personal benefits they could get from any of the bidders they facilitate, then expect that a huge problem would happen again.

So, decision makers who will be responsible to awarding the connectivity project to the truly trustworthy service provider should study carefully who these participating bidders are.

Checking and scrutinizing their individual backgrounds, especially in those previous failed connectivity projects or other government projects, would be one of the things that could help them minimize the chance of making this project to be a failure again, if their decisions are referred and based to it.

So, the plan to start filtering the participating bidders from that kind of qualifications background check is, I believed would be a very important and prudent step to make.

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