Thursday, May 4, 2017

Satellite Service Adviser

This is the person who could provide more satellite service advises to those who has a digital service or connectivity projects.

He's been working in the company for 10 years already gaining a very huge experience in different aspects of the satellite and telecommunications business, such as in sales and marketing and in the technical matters.

For more than six years, he handled Thaicom's satellite business in Africa, Middle East and Europe and traveled to countries such as Egypt, Dubai, South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, Netherland, China, and Singapore while based in Bangkok, Thailand.

He managed big accounts like RRSAT, and closed business deals with private and government clients at Hargiesa, Somaliland, like the Somaliland National Television (SLNTV).
He's the one also who had closed a very big business deal for Telecommunication business in Central Africa, but deal was sealed in Cairo, Egypt.

After expiring a 10 year agreement with a Korean TV Channel, he was able to renew service for another five years.

In 2013, he was transferred to his home country, the Philippines to help his team there doing Thaicom's IPSTAR Broadband business in the country.

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