Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Real Reason Why Telcos Are Not Serious About Improving Internet Connectivity Speed in the Philippines

I read an article posted in the Internet with one of the big telcos saying that the reason why they could not establish the needed infrastructure is the permitting issues that takes several months or home owners not allowing them to put up the telecom infrastructures because of the radiation issues which is the main concerns of the home owners.

The same reasons they had presented during one of the Summit meetings they had this year, and the same story they had presented in Facebook.

However, one reliable source had mentioned that the real reason is not really those things they kept on saying to brainwash the people.

The guy said that if the Internet speed in the Philippines improves significantly, then it will kill the big telcos' business in voice communications. It's because, by then, people will call their friends or business partners, clients using IP based applications, such as Skype, Line, Messenger, Viber, etc.

So, why do things that will kill their existing lucrative business? After analyzing the situation with all those facts, I realized that what the guy said make sense.

Thus, the government has to do something to stop this and deprive those greedy people behind it to continue their injustices by depriving people of a much better Internet service.

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