Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Testing IPSTAR Spot Beams for Broadcast

It's one of the tests we had done for our IPSTAR spot beams for broadcast applications.

The purpose of the test was to determine the exact latency by comparing the time difference between the source audio/video that was uplinked to IPSTAR satellite and the audio/video of the received signal.

The result was quite impressive; the audio/video received was excellent and the latency was only about 2 seconds.

According to the client, it's acceptable for their planned cockfighting business.

So, we had proven that IPSTAR spot beam technology worked as expected.

Many more similar tests requested from another potential clients had followed in the next year (2014) and not long enough, deal was closed.

Now, there are three or four clients doing that kind of business using IPSTAR technology solution.

Because of the success of those who started with that kind of business, many more potential client were also inquiring the details of setting up the same solution, though the contents would be somewhat different.

Part of their plans is to use a Mobile VSAT Vehicle (MVV) so they could move quickly from one event to another without the hassles of installing and dismantling the equipment.

Business deal is expected to be done within this month.

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