Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Thaicom Innovation Day

I visited Thaicom HQ last year (2016) and had witnessed of the so many innovative ideas.

Every team who got innovative ideas showed their product and explained it to all visitors who were interested to know more about the innovative idea which was translated into a demo product.

One of the innovation that I was very interested at was about Digital Mobility.

The whole idea is the continuous communications system network using satellite and combination of other communication media that will enable anyone to communicate anytime, anywhere, using any digital devices wherever he/she may be; in the land, subway, sea, air, home, office, etc.

It has four main features such as capability, Reliability, Efficiency and Low-Cost Antenna.

It is capable of the following:

1. Internet and TV service,

2. On Demand VDO

3. Watch owned preferred contents

4. Support current Media On Demand system on vehicle

For reliability, it will ensure the following:

1. Always connected

2. Content Recovery after rain and

3. OTA support

The system is considered efficient for it can assure us of the following:

1. Lower risk to congest other Internet services

2. Lower risk to overload Web Servers and it

3. Support rating

It is considered low cost because it will use Mobile SAT and lightweight antenna.

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