Monday, May 1, 2017

Today's Satellite Service Inquiry

Just want to share below's conversations between the service provider and the potential client for the purpose of giving you ideas about the satellite service offered by the satellite service provider - IPSTAR.

Hi Sir,

Please, see my answers (in red texts) to you questions below:

• Is your service available in any area in the Philippines?

Answers: For our Ku-Band satellite service, only 95% of the Philippine area is covered. But, for our C-Band, yes, any area is covered (100 % coverage).

• What equipment is needed to connect to your service and will you provide it and install it for us if we subscribe?

Answer: VSAT equipment set is needed to be installed at your location for you to be able to use our service. You need to purchase the needed equipment. Below are the details of the equipments:

SkyEdge-II IP set
• 1 piece of Antenna 1.2 m Ku-Band (at least 2.4 m for C-Band)
• OMT/FEED Ku-Band
• BUC 2-Watt Ku-Band
• LNB Ku-Band
• AC power adaptor & power cable
• Antenna base support
• Coaxial cable (RG6 or RG11)
• Connectors
• Electrical Tape
• Cable/Zip Tie
• IP Modem

• If we need more than 5Mbps, can we subscribe to 2 plans in one location and simply load balance them?

Answer: That's doable Sir, but more expensive in terms of equipment cost for you have to buy to sets of VSAT equipments. How much Mbps do you plan to subscribe? We have a modem capable of 1 Mbps upload and 6 Mbps download and another one, capable of 2 Mbps upload and 12 Mbps download

• Does your service have a bandwidth volume cap/ceiling?

Answer: No Sir. Our service has NO CAP. It's unlimited data service.

• Will there be any problems with your service if there is bad or cloudy/rainy weather?

Answer: No Sir, except for changing of the initial modulation used to another type, which normally causes to decrease the speed for a little bit in order to keep the link alive instead of cutting it off completely.

• Do you provide a static or dynamic IP? Is the IP address you provide with the service a public or private IP?

Answer: Yes. we provide static IP addresses and one (1) Public address per site. Or, if you need more Public addresses, then that could also be arranged

• Do we pay a local business for the monthly fees or do we need to wire payment to Thailand every month?

Answer: You can send your payment locally, through our service provider partner.

Hope this would help. Should you have any other questions or other concern, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Thank you very much.

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